Sunday, August 31, 2008

Help, I need a recipe or two

Our EGA chapter is in the process of putting together a cook book. Anybody have any recipe ideas? Or mouth watering, tempting recipes I could submit? Most of the stuff I make is on the fresh fruit - on the grill - steamed -- and, not really of much interest to most people. I don't bake (desserts). I have a couple of ideas ... which seem too boring. You know where I can be e-mailed!!


Have you seen this? Check out his link!

yeah, just check it out: OPEN THIS LINK

Or translated version (copy & paste):

Is that fabulously interesting or what???

-------------- Many thanks for all your kind remarks on my fair ribbons. I enjoy the local fairs & love cheering for my stitching friends ... who scored far better ribbons than I!!!


Claudia said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog!!! You are soooo sweet!!!

Barbara said...

That link is totally insane! My fingers felt all confused just by looking at it! LOL!

brokenfairy said...

I love the 15 sided biscornu,I will make day! There is only one recipe and that is for Bread and butter pudding,it is an old style comfort food for me I just love it!

monique said...

great link! I still haven't attempted a regular biscornu yet LOL

Kendra said...

Very cool "super biscornu"!! I'd love to try one, but I'd get all confused about what needs to be stitched to what.


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