Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beach Weavers & Week-end show

I have so much to share about the Quilt Show over the past week-end. Oh my. The joy of seeing the fabulous quilts -- meeting Pat Winter, seeing the Ground Zero Quilt, introduction to Rust dying, seeing some of the Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts, special featured display of Cheryl Razmus (scroll down for her picture) quilts, and so much more ... stay tuned more in future posts!!

Tho, I must mention a special Thank You to Pat Winter for setting up the most beautiful vendor booth I've ever seen. The silk ribbons, ciggies, bliss packs, and projects -- fantastic! In addition, she had pendents, purses, her Garden Quilt (oh -SO BEAUTIFUL) and bags. And, it was awesome to meet her & I bought a copy of her book , it is a beautiful publication. I now have some new Pat Winter stash to play with! Photos, soon. Meanwhile, check out her book, blog, and etsy. Right now, she has a wonderful post about the quilt show with pictures!!

Marjorie also has pictures and info from the quilt show.

Check out the links!!
I've been working on a project for the 2009 Indiana State Day (our EGA Chapter NANI ) Not sure if the Coordinators want photos out yet!
I am so excited to have a ride to the November 15 workshop & lecture by Eileen Bennett for Project: The Legend of the Underground Railroad Quilts. It is sponsored by Sycamore Ridge, EGA, Inc., Peru, Indiana. Anybody else signed up? I've got to get my registration & $$ sent in!!! Think my husband and boyz will miss me that day?
I read about an exhibit of weavings by the Beach Weavers.

Exhibit will be thru November 1st at Lake Street Gallery
613 s Lake St
Miller section of Gary, IN

Info: 219 938 4566

More from the newspaper Link Here, scroll down to the fourth entry.

I admit, I've not been to the Lake Street Gallery for a few years -- perhaps a road trip this week is in order! The trees are showing off their Autumn colors & might be a fun thing to do this week.


Anna van Schurman said...

What are ciggies? Not cigarettes, I'm guessing.

Barbara said...

I was also stumbling over the ciggies reference. Enlighten us, please!

Pat Winter said...

Lelia, It was so nice to meet you and I am happy you enjoyed the book. Your comments really have me blushing. Thank you.

For those inquiring, "Ciggies" are cloth images that crazy quilters use in their work. It refers to the cloth prints that were premiums in cigarette packs years ago to encourage sales, hence the word, "Ciggies". We also call them "silkies".


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