Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art O Mat

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During a recent visit to Chicago, DH & I had a cup of coffee in the Chicago Cultural Center
While DH was taking a call, I wandered over to the Art O Mat machine
These are cigarette machines stocked with ART!!!

I bought a couple tokens in the gift shop & selected a floral (first photo); My husband ended his call & selected a painting (photo below)

I hope some day, when I approach the machine, I'll find some of my textile artist friends have participated!! What fun it would be to select a piece of art from one of my friends : )

These are my Art O Mat purchases (so far)

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Kim B said...

What fun!

Maren said...

What a neat idea! My sister is the only artist I know, but I think I'd probably lose my mind (and all my money) if I saw her work in one of those machines. lol

Helen Harris said...

hi leila,
Thanks for participating in the experiences of Artomat .I appreciate your selection of my little floral.. I hope you will enjoy it!


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