Friday, February 11, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Sampler

I have so many beautiful needlework
kits ---

This kit was picked out
with my DH. He liked the trees.
I liked the fruit baskets + hearts.

I haven't graphed out the
family names for the center area.

I have decided to use our
family names - not the ones
on the pattern.

So it will be a reproduction
sampler - sort of ...


loretta said...

I love that you're personalizing it a little bit more, that's always fun!

Michele said...

Hi I love your site and this pattern is gorgeous. Could you tell me where I may obtain it? Thanks Michele

Michele said...

Hi I love your site and the Elizabeth Taylor Sampler is gorgeous. Could you please tell me where I may obtain the pattern? Thanks. Michele

Cathy B said...

Is this from SANQ? It's beautiful!

Cathy B said...

This is a beautiful sampler - is from SANQ?

Vonna said...

It will be so lovely and very meaningful! :)

Mary said...

Another gorgeous sampler! Will you begin this one soon? If not, it's still fun to look through stash often and just "mentally plan".

mainely stitching said...

Beautiful, Lelia! I can't wait to see you start it!

Brigitte said...

Lelia, what a great sampler this is. I particularly love the house and the trees in it.

Lisa said...

Lovely design, I like how it is shown on two different fabrics.


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