Monday, March 21, 2011

Roll ups

I've basted the area
to be stitched on the scissor holder,
have an initial ready to stitch.

This is Homespun Elegance Stitching Pocket-Plus pattern
+ pre-made items with linen areas
for stitched initials.

I have some glass buttons which are a cinnamon-pink + clear.

Need to pull out some linen for the pillow (fob or cushion).

Have the over dye fibers ready.

Better pictures can be found

This is one of the
roll ups from Nashville market.

I found a tatting book with simple pattern to
put around the pin area. In the photo, lace was added -
I was thinking to tat a couple little pieces.

Have the fibers for the linen (place for initial).

I purchased these items with holiday
gift certificates from our sons + my Mom.
I wanted to have a gift from them once finished.

Hope to finish these THIS week.


Anna van Schurman said...

Can't wait to see the finishes!

Myrna said...

Beautiful choices! I look forward to seeing them finished... and to add your tatting -- you are just too clever!!!


CathyR said...

I missed out on the pre-finished at market...I don't know where my mind was at! I can't wait to see them when they are finished!

Suzanne said...

Very nice pieces you have there, I look forward to seeing them finished. Some lace that you have tatted will make a lovely personal touch.

Jennifer said...


Solstitches said...

What a wonderful project and one I haven't seen before.
It's going right to the top of my wish list!
I love your idea for embellishing with some of your tatting.
I've had a few attempts at tatting but have not gone beyond the most basic beginner instructions.
Looking forward to seeing how this lovely set looks when finished.


Anonymous said...

These are lovely pieces and are beautiful the button. Thanks, too, for all the newsy events you post. I always like to check to see what's coming up!!


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