Saturday, June 02, 2012

flower pot

I had the flower pot stitched + it didn't look like the photograph on the pattern.
I checked the diagram + compared to the
picture on the instructions ...

And, still - what I HAD, didn't look right.   Decisions - decisions.
Does it bother me enough to re-stitch, or just leave it.

For one thing, the compensating stitches in the photo look like
light blue outside + dark blue inside. 

Also, the basket had more queen stitches along each row in the photo -
which made the basket look even.  Mine looked wonky.   
And, in the end, it just didn't look like the picture, and it is supposed to be a reproduction, and
so I 

went on the EGA Web site - found a digital picture
and re-charted the flower pot portion of the chart.  

Which meant, ripping out - - adding more queen stitches on the right side of the flower pot. 
 More  queen stitches.

Now I like it, and it looks like the photograph.

Next, the compensating stitches.... 


Giovanna said...

Kudos to you for getting as you want it - it's a very pretty sampler.

Anonymous said...


I like the re-done one. I would have done that too. Lovely queen stitches.
It looks very pretty so far!


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