Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Porter Co Fair - Part One

I had 15 entries in the 
Porter Co Fair 

Category One - Arts + Crafts

Section 101 - Special Occasion (any Holiday, special Event)

101c Needleart:
c.2004 Homespun Elegance Ltd.
Spring Fling
Designed by Sandra Sullivan

Comment Card:  "Very nicely stitched.  Even.
Good tension.  Bead location very nice.  Overall 
Excellent job!"

101b Tree Ornament:
Jingle Bell

Pattern by Merie Lettieri

Comment Card"  "Stitching nice + precise,
Very nice job!"

Section 109 - Wearable Art

c. Accessories:

Comment Card:
Kanzashi Flower embellished with tatting and buttons.

d.  Bead Accessories:
Button embellished w/beading.

Comment card:  "good selection of colors.
Good design
nice craftsmanship"

Section 111 - Home Decorating Articles (Not Quilted)

Locker Hooking - Trivet

Comment Card:  "Lot of work
nice color selection, nice design"

Part Two .... tomorrow ; )


Giovanna said...

Wow, well done on the results - all of the entries are really pretty!

Anna van Schurman said...

Look at you! Nice job.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Beautiful work!!! Can't wait to see part two!


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