Sunday, January 19, 2014

What time is it???



Simon aka Mr. Katt

.... What time is it?
Cat Nap time ... and Thx to GF Beth
for the awesome Hello Kitty watch!
[and lovely pink scarf, not in photo, in the vehicle when I used it last].

Did you see the 10-day forecast .... snow in 5 of the ten days : (

1 comment:

beebee said...

sweet cats. I had a cat in my home for 35 years. We answered an ad in the paper to adopt a kitten a few months after our cat had died. We got two of them. Precious, soft and sweet kittens. by the time I got home my eyes are puffy and had blisters in the white of my eyes. we gave them a bath thinking it would help with the dander..NOT... WE had to bring the kittens back a couple of days later.Since then I can not be anywhere near a cat or near anyone who has cat hair on them. I miss having one. Yours are so pretty and sweet.


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