Friday, February 07, 2014

Find the kitty

I had run the sweeper and couldn't find our female cat, Honey Bunny.    Opened the bathroom door & there she was:
She is still sleeping there.   Warmest place in the house.

Wednesday, aside from the snow storm, I had won a pass to The Monuments Men.
I picked up our daughter, Tori, and we enjoyed the movie

The drive back on Thursday was more enjoyable.   Very cold, very sunny, and blue sky.    
Indiana is a boring state to drive thru.   I had the road to myself most of the time.
The highlight of the drive was when a hawk flew over the vehicle! {no photo}

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Sarah Beth said...

Pretty kitty. I'm from Indiana too..greensburg with is off 74 in the south eastern part about a half hour south of Shelbyville. Where are you from. Maybe we can become stitching friends if we live close enough together


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