Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Facebook seems to be easier / quicker; however, the blog space is GREAT for photos and ingredients ... helps keep me organized.

Some progress on Mary Hannah Gipson [sampler researched and charted by Ruth Ann Russell]
SAN-Q Magazine, Winter 2010.  

Everytime I pull this out, I am irritated and frustrated.  Tho, some progress made.  I have silks from my stash pulled out.  I think the rest is over-one, so will do just a little at a time.     ~ Mini Flower Basket Sampler ~  .... A Reproduction from the EGA.   

 The Thimble Purse is ready for finishing - as is the Just Nan's Christmas Secret (insert for needle slide). 
Birds + Berries Thimble Purse, designed by Brenda Gervais:   Chart/design calls for 40-ct parchment linen.   I'm not sure what this linen is - must be from my stash.   I used GAST Pebble [flowers], Mulberry [berries], Apple Cider [Bird], and nutmeg [Bird beak, legs, floral centers].  Valdani #P2 Olive Green for the leaves/vine.   Week's Cinnabar for bird necklace.  

Stitched over one on 32 ct Opalesc Belfast W/Simply Shaker Geranium #7036.   Pattern and needle slide come with finishing instructions, red overdye wool + fusible interfacing.  

 So, how do you like my new bag???   Thx GF Kay, w/o blog!    It is a great tote with matching water bottle holder.   Please note the card - with buttons + stitching ; )     it is clipped to my calendar + cheers up the whole desk area.    Back to the bag - has outside fabric pockets - and is done over blue mesh.  
 let me tell you, the mesh is wonderful for hot/humid days.   All my travel gear went with me in style during recent trip.   The water bottle keeps the water COLD and is marvelous in the holder w/pocket and adjustable strap.   Thank you Kay.  I adore it!!!

Lastly, new stash from House of Stitches.   Which was ON SALE - and I was delighted to get my hands on it.   Strawberries by Hollis Sullivan.   I wanted the small motif for needlebook front - but may [ over-one ] stitch the larger pattern without border instead.   


Cathy B said...

Great to see a stitching update. I have some of those projects in my stash too.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Girl, you've been doing a whole lot of cross stitching lately! I can hardly wait to see that thimble purse made up, and your over-one needle slide insert is scrumptious!

cucki said...

beautiful stitches..i love your projects so much..
big hugs xxx

Carol said...

Such pretty projects and what a great new bag... I love the more permanent feeling that blogging gives me. It's so nice to keep track of threads and fabrics along with the photos...

Paisley said...

Beautiful stitching!! I love your bunny scissor fob!!

Brigitte said...

Although I have never tried FB I decided to stay with my blog. I love blogging and I love visiting blogs.
There's a lot of eye candy to be seen here. And a great new chart.


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