Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stitches Midwest, Aug 6-9 ... Part One

DD + I attended Stitches Midwest in Schaumburg, IL.   We were overwhelmed enjoyed getting our feet wet.    Being new knitters, thought we would enjoy learning some tips, techniques, take a class, and enjoy spending time together.

First thing, I signed up for Free, one-hour crochet session.  Thank you Marly Bird and Skacel.    My name filled the last line on the page + I really wanted DD & I to take the class together.    At class time, Marly Bird found a chair, supplies, etc., for DD to sit in on our session.    Y A Y.    Goodness we sucked in class.   The will was there and our hooks were not very confident.    I can chain and single crochet -- never mind starting with 10 , next row 8, next row 9, next row 7 ---- oops learning to increase and decrease- not.     DD had a tight crochet piece - looked pretty decent by the end of our hour.   Was encouraged the whole time by our instructor and other class participants.     Aside from the printed instructions, we have a nice letter & beginner's pattern from Jodi Roush.   And -- an awesome  skacel publication, skacel bag,
Addi comfort grip  hook, and beautiful Reggae yarn [awesome to practice with this yarn].    With the help of friends and you-tube, I just might improve!   While browsing the booths, stopped at Erin Lane and I bought a Marly bag.    DD found lovely bag with zipper ---- cat proof!  [so nice a bag, we went back the next day so she could purchase another one.  

Did I mention booths, shopping?   for toys tools? 

Pins & needles?

 Lamb pin, which I wore on my sweater, by Lickin Flames.  Fat, dark Knitting Needles were gift from WEBS if you purchased from their booth.

The needle set with owls are hexagonal - cherry wood by Indian Lake Artisans.   [not pictured - knitters pride square needles - and sock size needles including Addi circulars from Yarnbarn].

How I adore my Gnome Acres bag - ask DD to show you the yarn she bought in their booth!

After a day and a half, I have quite a collection of cards.   I adore the logos and colorful flyers.  Card/flyer w/ruler, card w/needle inventory on the back, or sweet photographs, and discount codes.   Too much fun.   As we went along the aisles, we had notes on the cards about pattern names, and - some for a return visit on our second day.

more about stitches midwest in the next post ......

P.S.  After reading this blog post -- LINK HERE -- I've been on the look-out for 4-n-1 Boye tool.   When I was shopping for an inexpensive shredder - I found them.     Have not tried using yet.


Madtatter80 said...

Your knit goody look fun and enjoy seeing!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

WOW! Awesome time to be had by all it appears :) I love the logos and the fun that the buttons and cards/flyers great!

Carol said...

What a great experience for you and your daughter, Pam! Sounds like you came home simply brimming with inspiration :)


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