Wednesday, February 17, 2016

trying new needles & new knit pattern ....

This is a sample.   From Blog post:   " How to knit the Triangle Stitch Pattern".   
Blog: We are Knitters.   The Blog.   Link Here

I used Cascade yarn with US 8 ZEN needle.  

 This is a sample from blog post:  "How to Knit Flowered Columns".   Blog:  We are Knitters The Blog.   link HERE.  

Plus, a little progress on Spiral Rib Hat.   (red / Crimson).     I am a project bag lady.   Seems I have an assortment of bag shapes and sizes, and seem to use them ALL.   [the 'cat' is a tape measure from 10,000 Villages.]

 Jasper and Honey sharing the top shelf - Jasper, the larger cat in back has tail and back leg hanging down.

 This is the tulip tree in our yard - with snow packed inside the buds.   The snow hanging on today - when it warms up this week, the snow will melt!

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cucki said...

Sweetest fur babies
Happy knitting dear x


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