Tuesday, May 16, 2017

yarnie update

 Delightful mail (yesterday).   My name chosen from a Facebook Giveaway.   Gallant Cowel kit (pattern by Meghan Jones) and Plymouth Yarn.

I am participating in a Woolenberry KAL.   I have Herald on circular needles, Cashino yarn purchased with DH last Fall in Bloomington, IN.   It is a lovely pattern by Janina Kallio.   

Here is Antarktis, another Woolenberry pattern by Janina Kallio.  This seems more challenging to me.  Yarn is Cashino Blooming yarns (Bloomington, IN).

 Leafy Lisa wrap needs one more 'leaf' and it will be completed.  This is a pattern by Kelli Slack.   Yarn is Misty Alpaca Chunky.    I found some green yarn in my bag, purchased at an Ireland exhibit held at the Art Institute of Chicago.   I am thinking to try the Irish yarn with this pattern - I think that is is a wonderful pattern, it knits up quickly, and would be fun to have a wrap with green leaves, too.

I removed the goofy yarn mess & started a new 'bottom' of the Mosaic Bag.  (pattern by Cindy Walker).   It is lovely.   I have enough yarn (Erika Knight British Blue Wool) for a second bag.   Then will create the cord/drawstring.    I may have to change the colors a little bit for the 2nd bag.    

 My hat is done!   DD and I bought yarn (Rios, Malabrigo) in St. Charles, IL following a Riverdance performance.   This is a nice spiral knit hat pattern by Ann Norling.

My hitchhiker wrap is a bit longer - still not complete.

 I'm delighted Debbie Trainor has a new book of pattern out.  I'm looking forward to knitting a few dresses for soap bottles.   

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cucki said...

Wow wow
So beautiful
Love the yarn and the colors
Big hugs x


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