Monday, November 07, 2011


Laurie at
pulled my name for the 700 followers giveaway.

I'm so lucky!!!

I received a fabulous package in the mail:

Imagine opening all this???? 
(Did you hear me squealing with delight???)

A splendid assortment of carded buttons, recycled glass.  

I am the proud owner of a unique --
creative decorated tin FULL of ceramic, plastic, wood, glass buttons. 
Thank you so much!
I'm grateful and am enjoying the button assortment accross my desk!!!

I wish the weather cooperated in cheerful photos ---

Much better images by Laurie:


Should you be interested, there is a

being coordinated (sign up Nov 1-11).

Details on the Button Floozie Blog


Anna van Schurman said...

Can you hear me squealing with delight? I am so happy for you--they are such great buttons.

Sharon said...

What a fabulous win! Love those buttons! Lucky you! Your magazine is on the way. You should have by Saturday. I was slightly delayed in sending it out. Let me know when you get it!


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