Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hello Kitty ... Dress-Me, II

The Hello Kitty brown plush
was at the Sanrio store.

To justify, they don't always have the brown plush. And the white plush sells out so quickly. There is only one baby plush --- ok, I'll skip the baby.

And, a Spring Dress ... cannot wear a bikini all the time.

And the nice lady at the counter told me they just put out FIVE
new outfits.


Guess we need TWO plush HK's to show off the new outfits. It is far easier to pick up outfits for toys. Sure beats trying things on - ICK, those telling mirrors do not flatter this fossil.

I'm so doomed.

---------- btw, the President's Day Sales are going well. Shoppers everyplace!! Are you sure there is a problem with the economy?

And, I think I need to go back today to pick up something for DH.

1 comment:

gracie said...

You are absolutely correct...you really can not wwear a bikini all the time!


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