Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cheetos & Mystery Sampler

don't know what happened to me .... Yesterday afternoon, I HAD to have Cheetos. I made Alexander (my 13yo) go into the gas station & buy a bag. Came home and poured out 9-10 pieces. They are as gross as ever -- and I had orange powder stuff everyplace.

My daughter said "Ewww" -- she is reading labels for all foods now. She is thinking about Dietetics and French studies at IU (Bloomington) this FALL w/Music Minor. Thrills me to think of her becoming a Dietician.

All I could say was "well, there are Zero Grams Trans Fat" and I cannot stitch + eat them.

Stitching is a great weight-reducer ..... with needles in hand -- and wanting CLEAN silks -- no food near the needlework ; )

Hey, anybody working on the mystery sampler from Needle Art Magazine? Now I know a few people with linen banding --- Janet C, Barb P, Sue D, Mary Jane K ..... and our dear friend Lillian who already has it stitched. There is a yahoo group SAL forming. If you are interested, let me know & I'll give you contact information. (SAL means Stitch-a-Long)

I pulled mine out last night & find I am STILL on lesson 5: "j" "k" "l" Not sure if I'm going to work on it ahead .... or hold off for the needle arts lessons .....

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Linn said...

It's nice to see your blog...well done


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