Friday, July 08, 2005

The Sanctuary (Drawn Thread) & Fair Entries

I am behind in the Drawn Thread - The Sanctuary ... SAL (Stitch-a-Long) .... by A LOT. I know tomorrow the group gets together and goes over the Hem Stitch. I am still working on one of the center areas .... and should be done with the next all-around border of lovely trees and gates and stuff. It is a beautiful pattern & helps to have Sharon H show some of the stitches & share tips. I think Linda R will be showing us the hem stitch. I need a refresher!

Porter County Fair .... July 21-30
Be there! I don't know how many entries I will have ready for drop off on the 17th.

I know I have a tabletopper (acorn), one sampler w/glass (Dawn Lewis), one plastic canvas box (CQ project), and a pretty Reindeer Parade small pillow/ornament (JBW design?) ..... maybe I'll have the 1st steps into the box lid. Usually I have about 8-10 entries .... spent so many stitching hours on the English Band Sampler Course .... Think this little Scissor Fob would be a good entry? I did get the stitching completed .... not the finishing. I need a yellow and blue cord. Not sure the tassel.

Back to 1st steps -- I'm on the last stitch. I need to couch down some laid floss. Still need a border in another color -- don't want the canvas edge to show! I see a 'dome' effect on the canvas & don't think it will matter in the box lid. Canvas is really not my thing ... but this design by Ginny Morrow was so beautiful.

Been bogged down with a headache that I woke with yesterday. Today, went to Walgreen's for some Sudafed. Felt like a criminal while the clerk filled in by name/address in a book, verifided my identification w/my driver's license, and then I signed their book. Guess Sudafed is a hot drug item. I just want this headache to CEASE. I have things to do ....

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