Sunday, December 18, 2005

Progress Pics

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Linen & Lace c. 1998 C. A. Zittel / The Drawn Thread. This is really fun to stitch. I'm enjoying the specialty stitches -- the border ... well ... sorta tedious. I do some border & then return to the more colorful silks!! Think I'll score a Happy Dance in 7 days?

I saw the neatest pattern (on-line) by The Workbasket. I am almost certain it is done with AVAS -- The critters R 2 Drn Cute ... cutie pie bunnies & stuff. Check this pattern out! A Stitch in Time Saves My Mind


Carol said...

Oh, Linen and Lace looks wonderful!!!! And yes, that Workbasket chart is adorable :-) Wow - I hope to see you stitching that one really soon :-)

Barbara said...

I love the Workbasket designs!

Your progress on Linen & lace is great - thanks for sharing!

Isabelle said...

Wow Lelia, Linen and Lace is gorgeous!! A Stitch in Time is really cute.

AnneS said...

The border may be driving you crazy, but it's looking great! :)

KarenV said...

Wonderful progress on Linen and Lace! You're not too far off now for a HD!

Nicholas does beautiful work - that CC piece is stunning! Congratulations to him also :)

Vero M said...

Oh la la !! It's gorgeous !! Bravo


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