Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mystery Sampler - SAL in progress

This must be SAL week : )
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Mystery Sampler by Jana P. Kerr. For December, we did 3,4,&5 of the 15 lessons. The four-sided stitches & satin stitches were delightful. Not too sure of the irish stitch -- they were a bit difficult for me; however, the end result is interesting.

Took Tori & David back to I.U. Alex rode along. We unloaded everything at Tori's dorm and went to the bookstore. Such high prices : ( Anyhow, didn't stay long as there was the 200 mile drive back. My Mom came by the house & had lunch with Nick + took him to the school for his pep band gig. I need to master bi-location, soon.


KarenV said...

I love watching this grow - I've never tried Irish Stitch but yours looks OK to me :)

Nancy in IL said...

Lelia, I love this mystery sampler. Aren't they fun? I participated in one by Pamela Kellogg, and I never had so much fun in a SAL. I've never done a Martina Weber though. Can't wait to see this progress. Your stitching is so very neat!

Chelle said...

Your mystery sampler is really coming along - it is awesome! Irish stitch is new to me, but it looks like you mastered it. :o)

Heather said...

WOW Your mystery sampler looks great. Love your blog.


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