Thursday, April 20, 2006

Congratulations : )

Congratulations SharonB! Sharon Boggon is the featured artist at stitchamaze. Sharon blogs at In a Minute Ago. I am inspired by the awesome textile information she puts out on a daily basis.

While surfing, found more interesting news from Anna. I never heard of the Needlework Show & could have stayed on-line 10 hours going thru all the links. Funness + Doorprizes. WOOT!!! She also had a post/picture about an Anniversary Ornament magazine being issued by JCS. ca-ching, ca-ching : ) LOL

About Sanctuary, Nancy in IL, or anybody, feel free to get out your DT Sanctuary project & join in. I was in a SAL last year (sponsored by the LNS). I enjoyed monthly hands-on stitching help as many of the stitches were brand new to me. I didn't keep up with the proposed stitching schedule. Most of the group (snail paced me) finished in the Fall of 2005. Right now, I have the center & most of the four gardens stitched. I didn't add the year. I plan to start stitching the outer borders within the next couple of days. If I can get this WIP moving along - I'd like to put it on exhibit this Summer. (picture soon)

Need to get stuff accomplished today ... stitch well


Von said...

Thanks for the rabbit trail you sent me down, Lelia!! :D I have to bookmark that needlework show so I can visit again.

sharonb said...

thanks for the message of congratulations - it is a good site I spent a lot of time there -

Also I wanted to say how much I like your sampler you are working on. It is a lovely design


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