Sunday, June 11, 2006

I've got the FINISHING blues ....

Wee Wooly by Heart In Hand

Alex bought the pattern & supplies a couple years ago -- stitched this las year & we worked on the cording together -- then, it got 'lost' in his room. If you saw his room ... you would see how easy things vanish !!!

I found it in a bag & worked on the finishing during the week. Alex came into my room & said he wanted the cording around the pillow; however, wanted a tassel in one corner.

I'm thinking to sew the cord in place & have the cords come together in one corner. Wrap the cording together & then get the tassel sewn in. The lamb button can be sewn over any 'boo boo's' I make along the way ....

And of course, I need more floss for the tassel.


Von said...

Don't I know EXACTLY how it got lost! And teenage girls are not any better - argh!! I'm going to really try to drum in some simple routines into the all the kids in the next few months.

Jenna said...

Ooooh, it looks nice, Lelia! You did a good job with the finishing. I vote that Alex learns how to attach the cording and tassel, if he wants them. :D


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