Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cleaning my Kitchen ---

Today, after sleeping in .... I cleaned up my kitchen & put together a
photo album of sewing smalls.

I plan to get more albums created in the next week or two.

Our kittens are five weeks old. They are playing, running around, eating kitten chow, and are just plain adorable. If they would hold still, I'd try to photograph them. They have other plans.

Enjoy the week-end


Kiwi Jo said...

I really enjoyed looking through your album - you have stitched and finished a lot of beautiful pieces

Cathy said...

Very cool Lelia! It's fun looking at them all at one time. I bet it is even more fun to enjoy them in person!

I was also surprised to read the story of your hawk. Most people would have just let it die. I'm glad you were able to help it.

Chelle said...

I LOVED looking through your albums. WOW!!


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