Wednesday, November 08, 2006

DT Gameboard SAL & MIOM

I heard from Cathy that she was setting the gameboard aside until after the holidays.

Also from Kay (without blog): "Well, so much for the Drawn Thread game board. I ALMOST finished half way--got 16 houses finished, the border around the top- except for the side where the year and initials are suppose to be sewn, and the little squares between the houses--then last night--I started on the second half--goofed up the pattern--had to cut out half a house--and decided to put it away for a while. Want to work on some little-quick-no brainer things."

OK, so, I put it aside to work on a holiday ornament for my Mom. I think working on some holiday stitching is in order :D I'll pick up the DT sampler in January!!

- - - - -

As for Move It Out Monday ... I still have Country Garden to finish.

I read on Karen's Blog that she was going to start A Stitch in Pine this week. Wanting to launch this ... I spent most of my Monday -- moving my stash around! I did find everything & was happy to start this sampler. Didn't get much accomplished ... just the outside border. If you go to Karen's Blog, you will see the trees just GREW right on her linen!! She is so far along. She may finish it by Friday ... yikes.

One problem I HAD, was the button. I couldn't find it (never mind I bought this pattern, floss, button back in 1998). Lucky me, Tina had charts for button substitutes. Tina has a picture on her blog of "A Stitch in Pine".

As I was working my way thru 'stash', I came across this chart. I pulled out the floss the chart called for (301, 400, 610, 829, 832, 3031) There were Needlepoint Silks listed, too. I thought the floss colors I had in my hand didn't really look like the colors in the photograph -- I was thinking the floss colors looked brighter in the picture. I tried to match floss to the photograph. This will be my next 'Monday' project. And, if the colors I pulled out don't look right -- I can always do it again in the suggested colors. It is 74W x 93H

Now, after working on WIP after WIP, it is really fun to get out THREE new projects to stitch.

Photo added:
See the difference? These are the floss colors the pattern calls for.


KarenV said...

Nice progress on Stitch in Pine :) I don't think I'll be finished by Friday somehow LOL but I hope to have all the trees done by then at least!

I love the Barrick Samplers design - the floss colours you've picked look spot-on to me :)

Leah said...
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Leah said...

I stitched the Gilded Cage a few years ago and didn't think the colours matched the design either. I can't remember if I changed them or not but you can see my version here: The Gilded Cage

It's a great design and I love how it turned out.

Myrna said...

Setting DT Game Board aside until January works for me! Sooo much to stitch, and not enough time!

Stitch in Pine looks great!

stitcherw said...

Starting three new projects, what fun. Guilded cage looks like it will be very pretty, and you made a good start on Stitch in Pine. Looking forward to your next update,

mj said...

I love "a stitch in pine"...i`m thinking i could sub. a stitched tree for the button...hmmm...

Barbara said...

I'm glad you posted this (regarding Gilded Cage). I usually use colors I like for Kathy's designs, but I would've been disappointed if I'd gone with the colors listed on this one.

Vonna said...

What fun starting new projects...have to agree totally about the Gilded Cage colors...they don't look anything like the picture do they...think I would have changed too!
Well I can see that "move it Mondays" are highly successful for you!

Gina E. said...

You're brave, Leila! I would be biting my nails all the way through a project if I changed the colours stated in the chart! Well, not really - I don't bite nails at all, but I would be a bit nervous about it..Still, as you say, with a small project it is simple to frog it all and start again if you don't like the colours.


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