Friday, February 02, 2007


Happy Groundhog Day
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I was not able to get this picture on my blog ... this is LAST weeks progress on the gameboard. I added the house & cherry motif at the top.

I was tagged to reveal six wierd things about me. And, quite frankley, I had a difficult time narrowing down all my wierdness into SIX.

1) I have banned imitation foods from the house (ie Velveeta, Cool Whip)

2) I do not follow sports, which includes school, professional, & Olympics. I do not play board games, card games, computer games, yard games ... even tho I grew up in a household of people who loved them!

3) I'm more of a 'straighten-up'er than a neat/clean freak.

4) I can live with out tv & movies, tho admit I do enjoy an occasional pbs program [i.e. Magic Flute, Masterpiece Theatre]

5) I love the radio, music, CDs, -- of all styles & miss listening to new 'tunes' with Tori when she lived at home. I do not own an ipod. Yet ...

6) I never eat gravy or ketchup

And my head congestion is improved, my coughing is worse, my throat is on fire, and I have no voice. YUK. I'm going to try to finish up the laundry & attempt the ironing before I get back to my game board sampler ...

Everyone, enjoy the week-end. We have a cold blast coming with wind chills. I have a good book & stitching. Don't need much else!!!


Anonymous said...

Your Game Board looks great. Love the weird things about you.

Barbara said...

I'm so glad you're stitching the DT gameboard in spite of your aversion to games. ;) I hope you'll regain your voice soon. My kids just love it when I lose mine. LOL

Kendra said...

Oh, it sounds like you have the same congestion-cough-gunk that I have. Lucky me, I've had mine for 2 weeks and it's just now getting "better". Ugh.

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Cheryl said...

Gameboard looks really great! Looking forward to seeing more pictures

Vonna said...

We're supposed to get hit in the middle of the state too...great :)

You snuggle up and read & stitch...I have to get out and work this weekend...yeah...NOT!

stitcherw said...

Cute additions onto your game board project. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, this bitter cold out doesn't help. Hope you feel better soon.

Cindy said...

Love the gameboard!!! Love the weird things about you as well. I do hope that you are feeling better soon!!

stitcherw said...

Hmm, blogger ate my first one, so I'll try again. Got your note on Groundhog. He was a freebie from Bent Creek that I got from my LNS a number of years ago. However, since is now around Ground Hog's day, the pattern has been posted again. Here is a link to the pattern.
Let me know if it doesn't work for you. He is a lot of fun to do (good thing as I've done 3), and very popular.

Cathy said...

You are weird! (Kidding!) Although, I think that must be why I like you so much!!!!

Hope you are feeling better. I keep drinking my orange juice to try to keep away the cold/flu virus that's going around.


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