Thursday, March 08, 2007


I have a question .... when you think "Easter Bunny" what color bunny comes to mind? I have a cute pattern with a grey bunny (Confederate Grey over-dye); however, I usually think 'pink' for bunnies. Am I on the wrong colour track??

I enjoyed stitching this freebie. Pattern is on-line here. c.2005 Prairie Schooler.

I used DMC floss on 32-count lambswool linen.

I would like to add another square to my afghan, after the household chores are completed.

Tori will be home on Saturday - for her Spring Break. I keep raising the window in her room, hope the fresh air will keep it germ-free.

***** ***** *****

Thank you to all who took the time to comment on my previous post. As you can see in this photo - she does not really FIT into the crate. She has been taking her afternoon nap in this crate for about a month now. It is a mystery to me.

And, this cold lingers. This is like round three of this nasty cold. I have heard from many of you that it is 'going around' and 'comes back' around more than once. I am hoping to be OVER it before Tori comes home -- she doesn't need any long-term "bugs".


Vonna said...

Love that freebie, mine is printed off and ready to stitch in the next couple of days :)

Hope Tori stays germ free too! Does she go to a college in IN?
I know all the students are hitting the byways and highways heading out of Bloomington - today...Yippee!! 7 days free of college students in town!

Jenn L said...

Thanks to marshmallow Peeps, I think of pink and yellow for Easter bunnies. Or else chocolate brown with super long ears just right for munching :)

Melinda said...

Lelia, I think of Easter Bunnies as either Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate.
Love your kitty's nap place.

Barbara said...

Wow, you cranked that PS freebie out fast!

I hope you'll be germ-free when Tori arrives, too. Apparently, wiping down doorknobs, light switches, and other commonly-touched things with a bleach solution is a great way to prevent spreading cooties.

I always think of Easter bunnies as being brownish, like a "real" rabbit.

Anonymous said...

You realize if your cat was named Jack you'd have a Jack-in-the-box!

Couldn't resist that.

Cheryl said...

I think of pink/yellow/white when i think of easter bunnies. Not sure why! Love your finish

Kendra said...

Welcome to the Multi-Month Cold club. I've had some form of head-sinus-cold-throat thing since December. :-P I'll be glad when the weather gets a bit warmer and I can open the windows to air out the house...although by then it'll be spring allergy season. I just can't win! :-)

stitcherw said...

Hmmm might not fit in the box, but certainly is enjoying it and doesn't seem to care, LOL. Funny what cats find comfortable sometimes.

Your little finish is very cute, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that there are no germs floating around when Tori gets there.

Crazee4books said...

Ya gotta love Prairie Schooler designs. And I had a good laugh over the picture of your cat crammed into that crate. That's part of the reason why we love cats. They're so weird.
Aren't bunnies suppose to be white? The Easter bunny anyways.
I'm sending healthy thoughts your way Lelia and hope you shake that nasty bout of the crud at last.

Carol said...

Wow, that freebie really is pretty all stitched up (of course, it is a PS design, so must be pretty) - good job! Thanks for the helpful email tonight ;-)

monique said...

Aren't all Easter bunnies brown? (like, chocolate brown!) LOL Actually I never think "grey" for EB colors but rather white, pink, or baby blue.

KarenV said...

Great job on the PS freebie - I want to stitch that one up myself.

Sorry you're not feeling well - hope you get rid of that cold soon and you enjoy Tori's Spring Break.

Jenna said...

Beautiful work on the freebie. You churned that out very quickly! All of the bunnies in my backyard are a lovely mottled brown. Otherwise, I guess I do think of pink or yellow when it comes to Easter bunnies. :)

Mary said...

Your little freebie is so cute! Thank you for linking to to get my printer to work so I can get this printed off and stitched up, too.
As for your question, I always think of Easter bunnies as white or maybe brown...usually white, though.

Von said...

I too think of chocolate in regards to Easter bunnies. :D

Hope Tori stays healthy over spring break and that you're feeling better as well. Can't help but think that sunshine would go a long ways towards helping you feel better! Any chance of a change in the weather?

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

What a cute freebie! Great finish.

Chelle said...

Your PS freebie turned out CUTE! Love it!


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