Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sampler Exhibit in Chicago, IL

Thx Marjorie H ... I didn't know about this. Link here

May 12 - July 28
Michigan Avenue Galleries
Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington Street


Clarke House Museum
1827 S Indiana Avenue



Jenn L said...

Wow, I walk past the Cultural Center all the time and had no idea this was there. Thanks for the heads-up!!

Red said...

That exhibit sounds so cool! Love your new blog format.

Chelle said...

I forgot this exhibit was coming up! Thanks for the reminder. Now to figure out...can I get there before it is over?

Crazee4books said...

Hi Lelia, It was interesting seeing your lovely table topper laid out on your desk in the picture from a previous post. I did'nt realize the size of it from the close up pictures you've posted. It's smaller then I was imagining it to be.
The Sampler exhibit looks wonderful and it would be great to see all the beautiful pieces in person.
I see you're reading "Evening". The advertisements for the movie caught my eye last week and I thought it sounded interesting. If you've started reading the is it?
Happy Fourth of July. Hope you have a great weekend.

Lauren said...

How cool! I hope you get to see the exhibit!


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