Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stitched Together--Early American Samplers

Stitched Together—Early American Samplers. Fifty-four samplers are on view at the Chicago Cultural Center at 78 E. Washington Street, with a companion exhibition of 14 samplers at the city’s oldest house, the Clarke House Museum, 1827 S. Indiana Avenue. More information HERE.

I hopped the South Shore & was delighted by the samplers on exhibit at the Cultural Center. It was pouring rain & I didn't see the Part II of this exhibit at a nearby museum/home in Chicago. I was impressed by these delicate textiles!! Esp that the x's didn't all cross in the same direction. And the QUEEN STITCHES -- loads and loads of queen stitches were fantastic. I am so used to seeing the samplers reproduced & was thrilled to see the original REAL DEAL.

As I was leaving, I stopped in the gift shop. At the counter was one sampler pattern -- this sampler was on display [on exhibit].

It is the Laura Ann Ludington 1828 Sampler. Pattern by Scholehouse for the Needle. This sampler really caught my eye! I was delighted to see that the pattern was available. When I was on the commuter train heading home, I enjoyed reading the insert re. L.Ludington & her family PLUS appreciate the fine paper quality, excellent stitch diagrams & notes. What a nice pattern. Just need some supplies & some free time : )

Porter County Fair: I'll be a building supervisor on Sunday from 2-4. If you are in the neighborhood, I'll be in the Expo East building -- the Home Econ displays.

I finished a couple more fair entries -- am still working on my beaded necklace. The cord I had made was to thick & the beads too tight as I worked the peyote in the round. After Nick & I made made up a new cord [out of perle cotton] the beading went well. I've got about 5" completed. This necklace should be around 35-36"

Thank you for leaving comments & suggestions on my blog + my e-mail box. I've been really busy & have not spent much time on-line.


Jennifer said...

That's a lovely design! Sounds like a great exhibit.

Barbara said...

That's a lovely pattern. It must've been amazing to see the real antiques, rather than "just" the reproductions - what a treat!!

stitcherw said...

Wish I could have seen the exhibit, it sounds wonderful. The sampler design you got is so pretty, I'll bet it's fantastic actually done up.

rose_michelle said...

I know the excitement these exhibits can bring. While I prefer stitching, my mother is a quilter. She even owns a quilting supply/pattern company. Since she doesn't have a shope she does conventions nearly 43 weeks a year. A lot of the work is reproductions, but every year she works the International Quilt Festival and I get to help if I am in town. It is the most breathe-taking event to see all of those origonal pieces that have beenrestored over the years.

monique said...

Sounds like a great exhibit!

Von said...

My time online has been limited recently too and am getting terribly behind on my blog reading. :(

Can't wait to hear your fair report!

Jenny said...

What a pretty sampler, hope you will show some progress pics when you start it. :)

BLGH said...

What a lovely design! Enjoy your stitching on it.

Caro said...

It is beautifull. I love it !!


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