Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Vintage Pin Cube

Q&A -- re. Pin Cube. As far as I know, pins at one time were sold in cubes.

I did a google search. I found a couple links with photographs (and prices) of real pin cubes. Look Here, here, and scroll down a bit here.

The Christmas Pin Cube pattern was from Just Cross Stitch - December 2004. The back, stitched area, says 100 pins w/motif. Picture of front in my previous post.

I see Ellen Chester has Pair of Pin Cubes on her web site. Next to the stitched models is the cardboard antique inspiration.

Edited to add: Per Staci, there is a pin cube pattern in the December issue of Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly magazine. Volume 45. (which I had forgotten about) It is designed by Kathleen Starr Watt.

If anyone has a source for other patterns, please advise & I'll add to this post : )


staci said...

Terrific info, thanks! Did you see the Sampler Pin Cube in the winter 2006 issue of Sampler and Antique Needlework? I've had my eye on if for quite a while :)

Margie said...

Thanks for the info! I didn't know that pins came in cubes and I always wondered how the cross stitch pins cubes came about. :-)

Karan said...

Wow, I never knew any of that. Thanks for the info. :0)

Pat Winter said...

House of stitches in LaPorte had these pin cubes sitting by the checkout. I'm sue they carry patterns. They have a site...www.houseofstitches.com
Pat W

Julia said...

you did a wonderful work.
A friend gave me the chart to make it and I don't understand how to make the stitches to attach each side of the cube.
Would you please help me.
thanks so much.


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