Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inner Child Doll Class

Here is the progress on my doll from yesterday's class. (Details about the class in yesterday's blog post ).
Alert -- this may be the longest post I've ever made on this blog!
I was really at ease during this class. I enjoyed being with the group and didn't feel any pressure to rush. Our instructor was friendly, didn't hover, gave us clear step-by-step directions. She gave us loads of time & brought excellent examples to inspire us to create our own dolls.
Such a treat to have in-hand dolls, pins, and Pat's beautiful book -- stunning textile projects and loaded with embellishments

When Karol & I sat down at the table, we had a tray -- bag w/class supplies -- and a gift!

When we opened our kits & gift, we found cheerful & colorful doll supplies AND candy to celebrate our "play time". Pat selected top notch supplies & got us started on the faces. They were ironed on -- and then encircled with beads. We cut out the words & ironed them on, too. I embellished with metallic fiber lazy daisy stitches & beads.
This doll will be stuffed with lavender buds. Pat demonstrated clipping the fabric, rolling it, and securing with a buttonhole stitch edge. We used perle cotton for that -- and I did ok ... for a first attempt. (first photo in this post)

This is my corner desk at home. I was tempted to clear it off (again) and give me more room for the doll body embellishing - I think I just might set up the ironing board next to my corner & shift stuff around. With this kind of doll, I think the more stuff at your fingertips, the better!

I took my buttonhole edge out this a.m. and plan to embellish the doll body some more with charms, beads, etc. Then, will roll & stitch it closed with the buttonhole edge -- maybe smaller and tighter! I forgot we were supposed to make a few stitches & pull them tight every 3 or 4 ...
I am going to move the heart charm, too. It needs to be on the other side of the doll

This is a close-up photo showing some of the supplies
Everything out & ready to sew on.

This is a photo of an Inner Child Doll. It came w/kit - and was our needle holder.
I felt so special because of all the small details. Pat has a gift for 'presentation' & with all the embellishments at hand -- they are screaming to be added to the doll. Not put back into a plastic ziplock & stored in a cupboard

Did I mention the class was held at a beading store? What a special woman to have us in as guests. She had two tables set up for us & bottled water available. Even offered discount for beads in the store that day. In addition, Myra - owner of LaBeadaLoca gave each student a pkg w/beautiful ribbon. She had a bowl of misc beads on the table & encouraged us to use anything. I pulled out smoky color beads - a tad larger than the seed beads I brought from home. Myra called the bowl "class supplies". I liked them so much Myra said I could have the rest of the container for a $1.00 Is that kewl or what?
There are photographs on Pat's blog of the entire class in progress. Dolls created by the other students.
I'm looking forward to finishing this doll & figuring how to make my own face & lettering transfers. The possibilities are endless!!!


TattingChic said...

Very cute! What a cool experience to be able to go take that class!

Linen Stitcher said...

Sounds like this class really inspired you. Great way to exercise your creativity!

Ranae said...

That must have been so much fun.
Cool photo's

Pat Winter said...

Goodness Lelia, you are making me want to take the class,LOL. Thank you for such a wonderful review. As you know, I am always nervous and worried over not covering all the bases. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. Your doll is going to be so nice. I understand it is hard to do primitive stitching being the exceptional needlewoman you are. As long as you have fun, it's all good!

Judy S. said...

How fun to read about your class with Pat. Lucky you! If you figure out how to do the words, would you let me know? I've made other prints but can't figure out that part, and they look so cool on different projects. Your doll is turning out well, the first of many I'll bet.

Suzanne said...

What a fun class! The doll looks beautiful and all those lovely embellishments. I am touching the screen at the moment, lol.

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by - your doll class looks fun ..


Sandra said...

First I want to thank your visit to my blog and the sweet compliments on my angels.

Then I must tell you that looking at your blog I can tell you're a very creative person. I stopped the comfort dolls because of my angel project, but you've inspired me to start over again (and send the ones I'm keeping!

I'll keep visiting!

Anna van Schurman said...

Cool doll. I've noticed that a lot more craft shops are having cross-over crafting days. Our bead shop is getting together with the library, with the quilt store, etc. As a lifelong cross-over crafter, I'm glad they're catching our boat! ;)

Jeri Aaron said...

Oh what a lovely "inner child" - I just adore it.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Thank you for sharing, Lelia. Your little doll is so beautiful.
Hugs, Deb


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