Monday, July 13, 2009

Punch Embroidery Class

My first completed punch project
I used a piece of felt for the back & then added a cord with Weeks Dye Works Pea Coat & DMC 310

I took a punch needle class with Linda Rinkel at House of Stitches in LaPorte, Indiana
The class was for a punch needle pin and I decided to create a fob with the design.

I learned a lot! Linda discussed tracing designs on weaver's cloth, how to set up the project in a hoop, keeping cloth tight, thread the needle punch, create loops of different lengths (makes the image interesting), echo technique, overpunching, and starting/stopping the fibers.

The class kit was complete with a 3-strand Russian Punch needle, Week's Dye Works fibers (Pea Coat x 2, Peach Fuzz, Artichoke), design already printed on the weaver's cloth, needle threaders, felt backing, a pin back, sewing needle, and Susan Bates 5" hoop.

And, this is the next one I am hoping to complete (just need the fibers):

Garden Rabbit, c.2006
Designed by Diane Williams, Little House Needleworks


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Congrats on learning a new technique and your first finish, very cute. The bunny will be fun too. CJ ok;-)

Judy S. said...

That turned out really cute, Leila. Was it hard? I just got a pattern in WI that has a bit of punchwork detail which I didn't notice till later! I like the look.

Pat Winter said...

Lelia, It is so cute. Great job! Another application to work into your CQ projects!!!!!

Cindy said...

How fun...and very cute!

I like the next project that you have picked out. Just don't wait too long to start it (voice of experience speaking here...LOL!)

Brigitte said...

This looks so very sweet. A nice project to satrt with. And you next project is just adorable. Love that bunny.

Deb said...

Congratulations on the finish. It's so much fun to learn something new. I like the new project that you've picked up to do also. I would love to learn how to do this, but I don't have an LNS near me and have been too lazy to teach myself.

CindyMae said...

How exciting it is to learn something new and it looks like you picked right up on it! Great work!

TattingChic said...

Very cute! It's a very nice piece for a first project (I guess...I've not done it before). I look forward to seeing your next project with that adorable bunny completed! Now, get hopping!!! Get it??? Get "hopping"?? Okay, dumb joke, but I couldn't resist. :)

Cyn said...

Hi Leila,

Thanks for all of the links to the give aways!

Congratulations on finishing the punch needle project. DD does punch needle in addition to needlepoint. I haven't tried it yet but I might this fall. :-)

Windy Meadow

Suzanne said...

It's always great to learn a new craft. You did a great job with the fob. The new project looks fun.

Kim B said...

Fun! I've been curious about this craft!

Sharon said...

Leila, it's very pretty! Great job!


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