Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Homespun Elegance Ltd.

Spring Patches
Designed by Sandra Sullivan
c.2001 Homespun Elegance Ltd.

Great news!
Sandra Sullivan of
Homespun Elegance Ltd
is blogging at:
Plain & Fancy Merchant

Wonderful to read thru her blog & see the newest designs.
Personally, I couldn't resist
Simply Red Plus
& picked it up during my last LNS visit

Some of the first HE patterns I purchased
were on little cards without photos!
(USA Tiny Stuff II,
TS-8 Merry meow,
TS-9 Think Snow WIP,
TS-2 Flying Hare)

I made several into pins & ornamentsSpring Fling with some changes!
Think Spring Tiny Stuff I
TS-5Bunny's Treat

USA Tiny Stuff II

TS-2 Flying Hare was probably the first HE I stitched!

Festive Redbird
will be the next HE I stitch

IMO - the Merry Noel Collection
is terrific!!!


April Mechelle said...

Thanks for sharing about the homespun Elegance blog. I love all her designs.

nima said...

Beautiful designs...

Karen said...

Spring Patches is really cute! I love HE as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog link! I especially like her Christmas ornament designs :)

Kim B said...


Suzanne said...

These are great Homespun Elegance pieces you stitched. I have a few that I want to stitch up as well.

Paisley said...

Thank you for the link to Sandra Sullivan's blog! I adore her designs!

Caro-CLF said...

Bravo, c'est très joli!
J'aime beaucoup.


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