Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Blogger and Q+A

Please give a warm welcome to

Southpaw Stitcher

and check out her new blog:

Southpaw Stitcher!!!

The unidentified ornament, made by my Mom
photo in
this post

was from a Janlynn Corporation pattern
Quilt block Banners
Designed by Alice Okon

I found Free Patterns
designed by Alice Okon; however,
didn't locate the Quilt Block Banners

I was asked about the linen and fiber
I'm using in
Mary Hannah Gipson sampler ...

The fiber is -- Simply Shaker
Wood Trail.

I've given it a nickname: Trail Mix
.... I started with three skeins + one skein
has already gone missing.
(Yeah, I know)

The linen is
24/29 ct Muffin Glenshee

The uneven linen gives
the 'x' a bit of an oblong
look - I don't notice
the difference as I'm stitching.

When I finish a section + look at it,
that is when I notice the 'x' a bit


Linen Stitcher said...

Once I looked closer, I thought the X's looked a bit taller. Not as much difference as I expected. Good to know the uneven weave isn't slowing you down.

Beware of missing skeins of floss. Mine have caused me no end of trouble. Hope yours turns up soon!

Mary said...

I bet I know what happened to that skein of of your cats got it! My cat is forever taking my threads away and sometimes I find them and sometimes don't. She actually goes in search of them, so I have to make sure none are left out! :)

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Thanks so much, Lelia, for graciously plugging my blog. I can lose floss, fabrics and entire projects, and I don't have a curious cat to blame.


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