Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bent Creek

Oh, Karol, you know me too well!

This is my Bent Creek WIP - I think called Autumn Row
I liked the pattern the second I saw it stitched up - autumn colors, birds, pumpkins, and an awesome ALPHABET.

Did you notice the Autism Speaks scissor fob? I ordered it when our EGA Chapter, Needle Artisans (NANI), had a workshop with the needlepoint canvas piece. Looks like they are still available if your scissors would like to have one on ...

This is a Bent Creek FREEBIE, I stitched awhile back:
. It is called One Dozen, c.1996. It was a delight to stitch. The tree, sun, bird motifs would be wonderful on the cover of a small needlebook (IMO).

Do you see my new pattern? Thx Karol for passing along your alphabet patterns. The Bent Creek Stitching Row
looks like a fun stitch!

She also passed along, Bent Creek's Seasonal Sampler, which you can see all stitched up on This Post.

Many thx!


Karen said...

Don't you just love Bent Creek??? I hadn't seen that freebie before and I thought I had them all. I will have to try and find it. I love BC too.

happy stitching....

Patty C. said...

This is an awesome freebie - I hadn't seen it before either - Looks wonderful

Sally said...

What a fantastic freebie. Never seem it before. Love those rows. I did the snowman one a few years ago.

Sharon said...

Cute finish! I am a big Bent Creek fan. Their row series are fun. I wrote to them once and asked if they would do a coffee or Java row. Never got a response, but I keep hoping.

Anonymous said...

I have the alphabet companion piece to the number row from Bent Creek. You'd be welcome to borrow it if it's something you'd stitch. Just let me know.


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