Friday, September 02, 2011

sight unseen, must have ...

EDITED: I just noticed, Anita has pictures from both of
these publications .... check out
Anita's Stitching Blog!!!

When I heard about the A Schoolgirl's Work from the 
Blackbird Designs blog,
 I wanted it. 

 Picked it up last week + have enjoyed it --- 
as for the patterns, 
I liked Hannah's basket .... then,
 I saw Rosebud Sachets 
and think if I ever get around to needlework 
--- that would be my first choice from the book.

After I get some tatting done ; )

 And, the Ornaments 2011 magazine is out ...
 picked my copy us this afternoon - 
and a copy for Mom.

 (Good to see you Kathy H! 
- w/o blog, 
who needs one to showcase her awesome Halloween stitching!)

 Back to orn mag ....I'm happy w/this issue. 

 Esp interesting - Shepherd's Bush, Janie Hubble Designs and Mosey n Me.
 Fun snowflakes + snow people. 

 Baffling to me - a coin purse, an Easter egg?

1 comment:

Cathy B said...

I love the Blackbird book; not as excited about the ornament magazine this year...maybe with time it will grow on me!


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