Thursday, April 12, 2012

Color Play, Part One .... etc.

Do you read (follow) Mary Corbet's Needle N Thread?    Did you see her post about the Embroidery Thread Storage .... how neat and organized she is?   And, she wanted comments .... well, I looked at my project

and didn't think commenting that my threads were housed in an empty stationery box would be appropriate ( + were a knotted up mess.)  Guess I'll never have the 'neat stitcher' award.   Most of my projects, that are tossed in a bag or box, look the same - kinda messy.   At the end of the day, I toss everything back to keep things safe from the fur babies.
(pictured above:  
Blackbird Designs - Reward of Merit Buttons + Pins.
The bird is just suspended in mid-air,
should look better when the flowers are
stitched in....   )

Above - my start on Color Play.

Pre (work) stitching for NANI's
class.   It is apx 3" square.   Needs more
diagonal rows added in all the colors.

Maybe this week-end ...


Anna van Schurman said...

She's nuts. You are normal. The end. :)

barbara said...

My system is a lot like yours, Lelia! LOL!

Lelia said...

thx, I was feeling like the number one under achiever.

Sarah said...

Hi Leila, I looked at the embroidery storage and longed to own all those threads and reels of cotton (and I consider I have a good few), but I'm with barbara and you! Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way. Best wishes!


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