Tuesday, May 29, 2012


After a few starts - and snags - and sighs,
I managed a few RPL cords, that actually look like RPL cords.
The creme color are made with crochet cotton #3
using an unknown size crochet hook.
The pink ones are made with crochet cotton #10
size 5 crochet hook.

The pattern in Needle Arts Magazine calls for
Cebelia #20, using crochet hook size 12 or 13.
It is a beautiful heart pattern.   I know if I keep at it, 
I'll figure it out + get a cord long enough
(without too many errors).

Here we go .... again, with another ferel cat.
This one has blue eyes, brown paws, tail, face,
creme color body.   Himalayan mix.
With this awful heat, it is a wonder this kitty is 
out and about.   I'm looking forward to the cooler
temperatures tomorrow.   And, if any of my GFs
are looking for a new kitty, let me know.   


Patty C. said...

Beautiful ;)

Anonymous said...


Your crochet looks great and I love the way the crochet cotton matches the colours in your stitching which is beautiful.

Hope you find a home for the cat, it looks lovely in the photo.

We have a cooler day here which is very welcome!

Sue said...

So pretty! I love your crochet!

Sue said...

So pretty!


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