Thursday, May 10, 2012


Plain & Fancy Collection
"Stitching Pocket-Plus"
c. 2011 Sandra Sullivan
Homespun Elegance, Ltd.

Finished the stitching - scissors
fob for this lovely set.
This is stitched over one thread.

Did you read today's post
from CathyB?
No?  Head right over!!!
Cathy shares her C Street Samplerworks projects.

from Winter 2010 SAN-Q Magazine
Article and charted by
Ruth Ann Russell

And, the next C Street Samplerworks on my list is:
Need Has Nothing to do With It


Lee said...

LOL! "Need"? Too funny!

Milly said...


Congrats on your lovely finish. Your next project looks very pretty.

Thanks for the link.
happy weekend.

Patty C. said...

I like your stitching pocket - plus - its very pretty :)


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