Tuesday, May 01, 2012

when the power goes out ...

The battery Ott Light is ON!!!

This needlework is

which I started awhile back.
I'm using more overdye colors than
Plus, changed the alphabet.
(well, we all knew that would happen).

I'm using the alphabet in

I enjoy having a lot of alphabet charts 
and thought these letters so beautiful.

The pre-made pieces are lovely.   I enjoy a little
more color when I'm stitching.   So, in addition to the brown and red, suggested --
I have a green overdye and blue overdye from my stash
for some of the motifs.

Should be pretty when finished.


Natasha said...

great idea, I should get one cause whne the power goes out I need something to keep me occupied :)

Dona said...

Thank goodness for battery powered Ott lights!

That is a pretty HE piece.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Those storms that rolled through our area last night were some doozies for sure. Good to have the battery powered Ott-lite for just such an occasion. LOL! Can't wait to see what your colors look like when you are done!

Deb said...

Where would we be without those battery powered Ott lights! I couldn't be without one!!


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