Sunday, December 30, 2012


I'm so lucky.   DH took me into Chicago to the
Smart Museum.    I wanted to see the 
exhibit (which closes Jan 20th).

What a fantastic exhibit!   Loaded with wonderful
prints from Japanese and French artists.
The display was lovely and there were books
open to various sketches, too.

They had an i-pad (or something) that showed the 
many images needed to create one print - also, video
showing how the woodblocks were hand carved.
Provided a wonderful introduction to these creative prints.

and the COLORS!   Rich and elegant.   Some
full of details - some more modern and classy.
Try not to miss - if you are in the neighborhood!

Special thx to Marjorie
about this exhibit.

Did I mention I purchased
the exhibit catalog?   It is loaded
with color photos ; )

Awash in Color: French and Japanese Prints

This is one of the images off the web site - 
Henri Riviere
Vegetable Garden at Ville-Hue (Saint-Briac), 1890
Woodblock print.

More images shown on their

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Nicola said...

It must have been wonderfu to see.


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