Monday, November 11, 2013

AIC: Art + Appetite

This is the garden at the Art Institute of Chicago.   The Autumn colors continue to show off!    

It was raining - so kept the camera under the umbrella ; )
The vines on the blocks were screaming colors!
As were the trees in the gardens ...

Facing Michigan Avenue ...

I visited a few galleries:
Violence + Virtue:  Artemisia Gentileschi's Judith Slaying Holofernes  on loan from Florence.   I have a book on this female artist - should read it this winter!
Dreams and Echoes:  Drawings + Sculpture (David + Celia Hilliard Collection).  Nice drawings in the current selection, personal favorite - Millet.
(mask is incredible!)

Spent the majority of my time in the Art + Appetite:  American Painting, Culture, + Cuisine Exhibit.   Regenstein Hall.   A wonderful exhibit, gotta love Claes Oldenburg's beans.    When I exited, I craved fresh fruit!   (perhaps with a little wine and cheese, would have been nice, too)     
I enjoyed the 2pm lecture and managed to get 
a lot of reading done (short stories) on both of the commuter train rides.

Picked out some post cards and note cards (picture below) ---
btw, see the still life above?   They had actual sugar bowl
and pitcher in the display case next to the painting.   It was fabulous to see
the painting + compare with the actual objects!

I'm looking forward to seeing the Holiday Thorne rooms ... and, over-the-moon excited about the Neapolitan Creche to be on display soon.    " The Art Institute’s crèche features over 200 figures—including no less than 50 animals and 41 items of food and drink  "           AND    " Due to the fragility of the original silk costumes and exquisite embroidery, the Neapolitan crèche can only be on view for a few weeks every year. "     


cucki said...

Wow so beautiful
Lovely photos..
Hugs x

Suztats said...

Fantastic shots of the garden! My fave:-photo #1....something ethereal about this.....

Tammy said...

Pretty pics! Looks like lots of fun!


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