Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Additions to the ....


GF, Beth, gifted this pattern.   So delighted to have it.   I may change a couple letters/words, but this is so lovely.   Called Valentine Sampler by Vinniey P. S. Tan

And, from the local Quilt Show [past week-end]:
I thought this was beautiful fabric.   So pretty, I'd like to pin it on the wall - as is!!!   This is from Stitch 'N Time Fabrics located in South Bend, IN.       FB link HERE.

And from the SAL Boutique:
snap bag

Tissue package covers [w/tissue].   Gifts.


Lavender Sachets [.50/each].   Gifts.

Misc craft items from the flea market:


cucki said...

Wow everything is so sweet
Big hugs x

Annette-California said...

Great finds at the flea market:) The punch needle you picked up was especially a great find for .75 cents. It's Russian kit - I had bought a set back in the early 19990's at Cal Expo fair for $55. No joke. And then 5 years ago while cleaning out the garage I came across some weird looking long wire and metal skinny tube! Yep forgot what they were and tossed in the bin. Later I recalled what the pieces were for. Crazy... darling chart you got from your friend. love Annette


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