Monday, August 17, 2015

They arrived . . . they are here!

DD + I went to the movies . . . in June to see Exhibition OnScreen, Girl with a Pearl Earring.   
In the movie, along with the narrative & information on the Mauritshuis - the world tour of Vermeer's painting, we saw these charming ducks!  I told DD that we just had to have them.   Good thing the theatre was dark - but I just knew her eyes rolled.

And I am grateful they made it here from the Netherlands.  Thank you so much.

Longer story [if interested]...  The first time I read about Vermeer's painting, I was in the dental waiting room -- reading Smithsonian Magazine, Nov. 1995.   And, I got the ok to keep the magazine - which I still have.    

It had been on my bucket list to find a way to see the painting... for someday, I just knew, I'd see it - of course I read the book, saw the movie.    

Now fast forward to 2013 .... DH brought me the Wall Street Journal dated Friday, January 25, 2013 .... 

WOOT!  WOOT!  and, DH said I could go with him when he went to New York City (on business) & I could visit The Frick while he was in a meeting.  (Jan 10, 2014)
Head-over-heels, counting the days, following the news from each of the tour stops -- our trip was planned,  ticket purchased on-line thru web site, suitcases packed.  
Then the weather rolls in.  Lots of weather - snow, wind, ice, airline delays, extra waiting at the airport [me whispering to Mother Nature - cool it! Back off - I've got places to go and a painting to see] , -- and finally we were flying to New York - arriving at hotel around 1am.

A few hours later, I was up and walking.   I was so excited, and didnt mind the sleet, wind, taxi splashing water all over the sidewalks.   [do recall New Yorkers wear a lot of black coats, boots, gloves, umbrellas - black, black - I know I looked out of place.  Pollyanna from Indiana.   Colorful umbrella, white fleece jacket, pink gloves - this was a happy day for me].

About two blocks from The Frick, I saw lines.   Long lines, around the corner, down the sidewalk.   As I came closer, there was another line along the front of The Frick - a very long line.   Grateful for kind employees - I had not visited there before & had ticket ordered for boxoffice pick up.   I ask where the box office would be & was asked for my e-mail.

Remember I talked about the sleet and rain?   Well, I was pretty soaked & managed to pull out the email - and the nice gentleman pointed to the door & I went right in.   Sorta felt darts on my back being ahead of both lines.

I walk in and was given a bag/sack for my soaking umbrella.   and, there were three more LONG lines.   One line to purchase memberships.  one line to check your coat, hat.   one line for entry.   The man who gave me the umbrella bag handed me an entry ticket.   

Guess what??   I went right into the exhibit!!  Without hesitation, skipped the coat check and went right inside.   And there she was - oh my.   Speechless and in awe of this fascinating painting - so mysterious.  eyes that looked right at you no matter where you stood in the room - and, we were able to get pretty close.   I think I was there an hour or more [and the room became pretty crowded] before heading into the 2nd room of the paintings on loan.   Which brings me to the 2nd surprise - The Goldfinch [by Carel Fabritius] was on display in the exhibit.  I had read the book by Donna Tartt the previous month.   How exciting.


Was it worth it?  You betcha.  I will never forget the day.   Plus, I crossed off the last thing on my bucket list.

P.S.  Yep - bought the tee shirt, too.


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Madtatter80 said...

Glad you got to cross off a bucket list item. This is a beautiful painting and I can see this on a bucket list :)


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