Monday, March 14, 2016

... knitting (wip) update

measures 17.5" --  Yarn:  Lydia Delight, color Radiant Orchid.
Pattern:   Angela's Dream Scarf by Jeanette Estee Famulari

Swiffer Duster Cover - using pattern:   Zoom by Erica Brembos
AND, the Little Ladder Stitch - Link HERE.
Yarn:  Sugar'n Cream Scents - Aloe Vera.

Needs a bit of 'finishing' ... blocking, sewing in the ends.  Yarn:  Sugar'n Cream, color Red Bud.
Pattern:  Wedding Day Dishcloth Dress by Debbie Trainor.


And don't forget about March 15th:
at Dairy Queen ....

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