Thursday, March 31, 2016


I admit, I don't have crochet skills (beyond basics).   GF, Denise, made this beautiful blue doily for an Easter Hello Kitty toy (gift).

 And, she made this lovely hummingbird - which is currently on my wall.  (other snowflakes are packed away in the cedar chest)  I wish she had a blog, FB page, or photo album ... she tats, she knits, and she crochets beautiful pieces!   When I open up her e-mails, I'm gobsmacked by her current projects - either in the works, or finished.   Beautiful, delicate pieces.

Recently, while doing some sorting, spring cleaning, I pulled out a few doilies that I have (given to me).
 Above - looks so much like the one photographed on the cover of this magazine (notice how crochet magazines have tatting, too?)

 Here are a few photos of the pineapple / patterened ones I have:

... and others, with thicker fiber:

Do you enjoy vintage patterns, magazines?  I think they are charming ...

If you are in the "doily free zone" ... this post is not for you!!!

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Vonna Pfeiffer said...

My sweet 90 year old friend just gifted me a grocery bag FULL of these. I love the pineapple ones and she had tons of them, yours are just beautiful and I think you may have a couple of the same patterns that she gifted me :)


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