Friday, March 25, 2016


The Eyelet Mock Cable Stitch - used Size 8 needles, Yarn Bee - oriental blue - Hint of Silk.   practice yarn.  85% bamboo + 15% silk.    Pattern link - HERE.   New Stitch a Day.

the back side / view

 My GF gave me oodles of vintage Workbasket magazines.  This is Vol. 21, No. 5, February 1956.    The pattern I tried called Rose and Shell edge, p.34-35.

 used size 7 needles with some practice yarn (mistakes and all) ...
 This is smaller, used size 4 needles.   Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight
 this the the photo - maybe I need more repeats.

The Ostrich Plume Stitch - pattern link HERE.
New Stitch a Day.

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gracie said...

love the older books...


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