Saturday, May 20, 2006

Keeping our phone line OPEN

Not much blogging/computer time this past week. Waiting for 'call backs'

Tori transferred from the Subway (North Valpo) to the Subway near Rt 51 & Rt 6 (Hobart). She will also have some shifts at the Subway near St. Mary Med Cntr in Hobart. She is thinking to audition for Summer Theatre - 'E.R.', which I saw in Chicago many years ago.

Nick has a job interview on Monday @3:30pm, retirement home in Valpo -- we are going to the Barber Shop TODAY. He heard about another local job, setting up for parties & take down.

keeping the phone line open for 'call backs' and keeping my fingers crossed for Nick. A lot of the Summer jobs were snapped up already; however, Nick turned 16 in April which seems to be the magic age for Summer jobs.

I've been Spring Cleaning -- and reading ... and stitching borders on the Sanctuary. Have most of the poem stitched & half of the rapid stitch border stitched. Will finish the hemstiching & outside border REAL SOON. Looking forward to the Sunday DT Game Board SAL ...

Stitch well : ) Enjoy the week-end : )


Myrna said...

I'm looking forward to Sunday SAL also. But, son called, and wants me to come over tomorrow and help him plant flowers (!) at his house! It shouldn't take too long to do that. I'm planning on supervising.

Have a great weekend. I hope Nick gets the call back he's waiting for. Becca turned 16 in March... and is lamenting that all she has as a summer job is babysitting. Not much else available in our little town.

Carol said...

Good luck Nick - I hope you get the call you are waiting for!

Cathy B said...

Looking forward to your Game Board update too...I'm hoping to stitch on mine tonight. heck out Pam's blog - she stitched two houses last night!

Leeland said...

I'm also crossing my fingers for Nick but I wonder: how do you manage to stitch with your fingers crossed? lol!
Take care, Lelia!


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