Friday, May 05, 2006

Quiet time

I planned to rise at 6am, feed outdoor kitty & get biscuits in the oven by 6:15am, start coffee for DH (he rises by 6:35am), drive Alex to school by 6:45am (show choir rehearsal @7am), back home -- walk the dogs & get Nick going for the 7:15am bus. Routine is good. Surprised again. DH is NOT going to work - taking the WHOLE day off. He will be driving to Bloomington, IN this afternoon to bring DD home from college. Now what? My stitching is in the bedroom -- my Ian McEwan book is in the bedroom ... I cannot tear into Tori's room with the sweeper & make noise ... DH needs his rest ... what an excuse to read blogs this a.m. !!!

I'm not a creative writer - so, cannot locate the words to express how much I enjoy the fabulous blogs I visit on a regular basis. And, all the pearls to find!! Fun to read responses to the SBQ about over-dye fibers. Opinions, technique, cost, look & feel, stitchers -- you covered the topic well : )

In the past hour, I have enjoyed reading Linn's post about the Fibonacci Sequence; found a link to a free pincushion pattern from Sharon's blog; enjoyed peeking at Kimberly's shaker spool box come together; gobsmacked by Carol's progress photos. And, that my stitching friends, was four blogs in ONE HOUR. Who needs magazine subscriptions?

Yesterday, I visited House of Stitches in LaPorte, IN. I selected a frame for the canvas piece I finished. Purchased 40" linen banding for a Mary Garry pattern. Spotted a NEW pattern for bread cloths & had to buy it. Yeah, I know, not many fans of bread cloths; however, this would be so pretty in our bathroom. You see .... I have a basket of 'stuff' that would be far more attractive with a stitched cloth (LOL)

Well, DH's cell is ringing. The office found him. Gotta run -- lots to do in Tori's room & my quiet time is up. Looking forward to reading more blogs soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Update - Maria S.: Thanks for your comment/question. I wish you had a blog!! I bought linen banding for "A Present for Sewing Well". 47 stitches by 484 stitches. Long & Narrow. I don't know too many stores/shops who have Mary Garry patterns for sale.

If I understand your question - you are looking for "A Present for Sewing Well - fold". It is a design with quaker motifs & the pattern says "Keep your needlework supplies in this handy fold and Needle Case ..." Suggested using 18 count lambswool w/dmc floss (2 colors).

I am uncertain about this being available. You are welcome to contact House of Stitches at their toll-free number - or send them an e-mail. They have a couple patterns (I'm uncertain which ones). When I was looking for a chart called "Blessed Are the Peacemakers" the staff at House of Stitches located ONE copy of the chart for me.

Did you try the e-mail address on your pattern? Or, if you have a needlework shop you frequent, ask & you just never know what they can find. Otherwise, e-bay.


mainely stitching said...

Aha, so my blog reading time is actually saving me money - that's a great excuse! :-)

Anonymous said...

I know which Mary Garry pattern you bouth the banding for. I bought it twice! First time the wrong one. The second time the right one and 50% off too. Hooray. I am trying to locate the other chart from this now closed co. that you can put the sampler into. Have you seen it anywhere?
Maria S. aka Floss Floozie's friend

Von said...

With no lns to visit to see all the new offerings, it's great fun to read the blogs and see the new stash and projects underway.
Can't wait to see your Mary Garry project on the banding!

Susimac said...

I agree with you, reading blogs is much better than buying mags, there are some wonderful blogs out there - yours included, I love your progress pics and anecdotes.


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