Wednesday, July 05, 2006

more finishes ...

Thank you so much for your comments re. my pulled thread pillow & other recent finishes.

I cannot help wonder how designers make a living b/c when I think of the time involved in creating my own piece ... you know, I spent a lot of time learning pulled thread techniques, figuring out the stitches I wanted in my pillow, overall design, and couldn't imagine trying to price 'the pattern'. I didn't keep track on graph paper -- just made some rough notes. I basted the 'design' in place & added the stitches I liked. So, I have no plans to release this design!

I managed the nun edge around a bookmark -- added felt to two perforated paper projects (pin & ornament) -- and managed to get the tin pin heart inserted into the square. WOOT!

My 'to do' list:: Finish small stocking ornament & Shep Bush needleroll. Finish stitching the EGA mystery sampler (lessons 10-14).

I visited House of Stitches on July 3rd. With a lot of help ... I have two awesome bellpull hardware pieces for the Mystery Sampler (stitched on linen banding). Now that the hardware issue isn't looming, I'm pretty excited about it. Nice to have helpful friends at the LNS!! They are so patient, kind and knowledgeable.


mainely stitching said...

Yeah, when you do it yourself (designing) you begin to understand why charts cost what they do! ;>

Anne S said...

Some more great finishes there ... it still hasn't rubbed off on me, though LOL.

Cathy B said...

You are still on a finishing frenzy, aren't you? You go girl!

Von said...

You have some wonderful projects finished, Lelia!! And even more on deck - keep going. :D
Designers must be incredibly in love with their art to take so many hours designing and stitching, writing instructions, then publishing. They're amazing!


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