Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun w/Friends

Yesterday, I attended the
Tast of Home cooking show with friends Beth, Deb, Mel and Sue.
The show scheduled to begin at 7pm.

We got together in the afternoon and strolled thru the vendors.
There were several booths with slushy wine, fruit, table wines, cake, fresh veggies, candy, tupperware, etc. Enjoyed all the samples.

Had a terrific lunch (25% off coupons given out at vendor booth) and then chatted at Starbucks until show time.
What a fantastic way to spend the afternoon!

Also, before the show began, each of us were given these
terrific reusable purple bags.
They were full of goodies: samples, calendar, coupons, magazine, magnet, scraper, pizza server, recipe cards.

We registered for prizes + signed up for free magazine subscription.

Enjoyed the show and inbetween the cooking segments, door prizes were given out.

So, guess what? My friend, Beth, sitting next to me
won a $250.00 gift card to Stracks (local grocery store).

Then, they called MY NAME!
I, too, won a $250.00 gift card to the grocery store : )
Imagine that?

In addition to the get together with girlfriends
(who don't have blogs, shame on them ...)
I found out our EGA chapter is going to participate in
the Soldier Family Kissing Pillows.

They gave me a couple kits to complete
eight pillow fronts - with a November 2nd deadline!

Above - is a photo of a finished pillow.

If you are not familiar with this project,
and would like information

go to Flying Fingers Plua
our EGA Chapter blog
for details

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Judy S. said...

Sounds like you had a fun and lucky day!


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