Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Silk Fibers & Update on Buddy

Dinky-Dyes had a contest on Facebook.
I was one of
the winners ...
look what came in today's mail!

Yeah, I know, you are all green with envy
(which should be one of her fiber names)

These are the family dogs. The lab mix in the back, Buddy, has a stressed ACL (not sure the exact initials) in his back leg. He has been on three medications since last Saturday + returns to the vet this Saturday morning. For those of you who already knew this, thx for the e-mails and he really isn't doing any better. I had hoped he would be feeling more like himself, and he is just not. Perhaps the pain medications are helping. He has stopped yelping when he barks, tho, he rarely has barked. Also, is gingerly walking in the yard.


Jackie's Stitches said...

The silk threads are nice! I hope your pup recovers well and quickly. Mine had surgery to repair his ACL in May.

Deborah said...

Lucky you for winning! One can never have enough floss.


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